Environmental Policy

The Nesharim Leading Energy (2014) power plant (hereinafter: “The Company”), places special emphasis, in all its operations, on safeguarding the health of its employees, manufacturing safety, environmental protection, while complying with the highest possible standards of manufacturing, quality, and use of the most advanced technologies.

The company’s environmental protection management policy is intended to promote decisions that will result in an ongoing improvement in the environmental performance of the plant. As part of the environmental protection management policy, the company itself and its leaders strive for sustainable development and aspire to reach a proper balance in their business decisions, between economic development and environmental protection.

A Policy of Commitment

  • Allocation of Resources: The allocation of resources necessary in order to preserve health, safety and environmental protection.
  • Compliance with Legal Requirements: Compliance with all legal requirements, in full collaboration with the environmental protection, and health and safety authorities, so as to prevent safety and environmental hazards across all of the plant’s operations.

Business Culture

  • Commitment, fairness, and neighborly behavior: A commitment to fair and just management, stemming from responsibility to the company employees, to the neighboring communities and to the social fabric within which the company operates.
  • Transparency: A policy of public transparency, including the publication and distribution of updated environmental information on the company activities to the employees, clients and the public at large.
  • Control: A periodical examination of the company policies and technology by the management and its modification in line with the very latest know-how, legislation and environmental conditions.

Responsible Management

  • Initiative and Caution: Adopting a proactive approach to safety and environmental protection, prioritizing preventive action over reaction in hindsight.
  • Environmental Management: Development and adoption of technologies, processes and advanced solutions in the sector, including the implementation of an environmental protection management policy at the source of emission.
  • Constant Improvement: To constantly aspire to improve the environmental, social and economic performance of the company, while measuring and controlling the environmental performance, and while establishing quantitative targets.
  • Awareness and Responsibility: Total responsibility and commitment on the part of the plant employees and its managers, for safeguarding safety and environmental protection. Raising awareness across all levels of the company towards issues with an environmental impact.