About Mashav Energy

Mashav Energy has been active since 2004 as the energy arm of Mashav Initiating and Development and is wholly owned by the latter.
Mashav Energy is the exclusive owner of Nesharim Leading Energy, which in turn owns an advanced combined-cycle-technology power plant with a capacity of 120 MW, located in proximity to the Nesher cement plant in Ramla. Mashav Energy has independently initiated and established the power plant.
In the course of its activities since 2004, Mashav Energy has accumulated know-how and experience that it intends to leverage in additional projects in the energy sector.

The company also owns Pumped Storage at Nesher, that deals in the initiation and development of a pumped storage project with a capacity of 220 MW, in the Carmel hills, in proximity to the city of Nesher.

Mashav Energy possesses proven capabilities in all aspects necessary for the successful initiation and implementation of energy enterprises, including:

1. In-depth familiarity with the regulatory and business environment of the Israeli energy market.
2. Ability to manage, plan, acquire and establish large and complex EPC projects.
3. Expertise in the operation and maintenance of heavy industry facilities in general, and in the energy sector, in particular (O&M).

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