Nesharim Leading Energy

Nesharim Leading Energy operates an advanced power station, using combined cycle technology, with an output capacity of 120 MW, located in proximity to the Nesher cement plant in Ramla.

The company possesses all the licenses and authorizations necessary for the operation of a power plant in Israel, including an electricity generation license, electricity supplier license, emission license as required by the Clean Air Act, and more.

In all its activities, the company safeguards the health of its employees, safety in manufacturing and environmental preservation – all in an uncompromising manner and while employing the most advanced technologies.
The company provides a group of select clients in Israel with electricity at an attractive price, accompanied by professional and courteous service with a personal touch.

The company operates unique forecasting and billing systems that support the regulation required of independent power producers in Israel, and that provide the company’s clients with energy-related and economic information, across various cross sections and profiles, allowing them to learn and analyze their power consumption, so as to become more efficient.