Why Work With Us

Nesharim Leading Energy is one of the pioneers in the Independent Power Producer (IPP) market in Israel and would like to invite you to join our select group of clients.
As a Nesharim client, you will enjoy access to cheaper electricity, without compromising on the reliability of the electrical supply.
As a Nesharim client, you will enjoy professional and courteous customer service, along with a personal and attentive approach that is custom tailored to your particular needs.

The transition to the supply of electricity from Nesharim is hassle-free and does not entail any special procedures or effort on your part. Once an engagement agreement is signed, the Nesharim customer service will handle the migration of the client from Israel Electric Company – or from any other power supplier – to Nesharim.
As a Nesharim client, you do not need to modify your electrical infrastructure. The supply of electricity is made on the very same infrastructure you currently use, which continues to be operated and maintained by Israel Electric Company, just like any other electricity consumer in the country.

As a Nesharim client, you also enjoy access to an advanced business portal. Each client enjoys secure and personal access to the electric utility bills, along with dedicated reports that are custom tailored to each individual client, rendering it possible to understand, study and analyze the structure of electricity costs and the consumption characteristics, across different times and periods. Such information constitutes an important tool for the client in streamlining the power consumption.