Pumped Storage at Nesher

Pumped Storage at Nesher is wholly owned by Mashav Energy, a member of Mashav Initiating and Development, and deals in the development of a pumped storage initiative at Nesher.

Pumped storage technology is based on two water reservoirs. The upper reservoir is located in the southern Carmel hills, at the Nesher quarry in Hraibe, while the lower reservoir is located at the clay pit of the Nesher cement plant. The 450-meter elevation difference between the two reservoirs renders it possible to generate clean electricity, using hydroelectric technology, at an output capacity of 220 MW, for eight consecutive hours. The electricity is generated by the movement of water between the two reservoirs.

During a shortage of electricity, the water from the upper reservoir flows into the lower reservoir, while rotating a turbine that in turn, rotates a generator that produces electricity that flows into the grid.

During off-peak hours, when there exists a surplus of electricity, the water is pumped back up to the upper reservoir using an electric motor that is powered by electrical energy from the power grid.

Pumped storage technology is characterized by extremely short operating times and therefore renders it possible to maintain the stability of the electrical system during a malfunction, as well as in light of the anticipated growth in the use of renewable energies from natural sources, such as wind and solar energy, which are not constantly available.